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UPDATE!!!! I think eveyone got their things back.

It looks like we got a bug with inventory. You may have lost it, but we will give you back what you had. I will try an find your old player file, and have a look. 
Good news is that everything else seems to work, still some small adjustments to the new commands, mostly I have to make Alias, so the commands are the same as they used to, but if there is a command that isnt working, try with /cmi command.
Or else you can post the bug in the forum, and I will have a look at it.

Ranks are working, so when you complete a rank, you can either write /rankup, or wait 1-2 minutes, and it will show up in your chat with your choices. 

We w...

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We are getting there. We still need to make more to the Races, but everything is going as planned, all though we did get 4 days behind because of a broken harddrive, but we got hold of a new one and it's working great.

We will open up for old players, starting with ZureKaas, NigDigMan, Atixi, and maybe some other players.
Just remember that your are a part of a betatest, so expect reboots and errors.




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Server Downtime 7 days ago

The server is offline for about a week. 

We got the new hardware and are moving all the files, then we are changing a lot of the gameplay, and expect to be online again around the 22. We will open up for old players before that, so they can help us test before we open it up to the public. So add IP: to your server list. And wait for your name to be added to the whitelist.

The old hardware will run with whitelist, this is only so we still look online on all the votingsites

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Today we began to write the Wikipedia for the server.
Many of the things in it, will be about how the server will be after we make the massive upgrade of it. 

But if you want to follow the work, here is the link (or use the link i the NAV bar)


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Vote + Store 16 days ago

We have added a Vote link in the top menu, so now you can find the pages where you can vote for our server, this will help us get more players, and for every 3 vote, you get a Diamond ingame. So what are you waiting for.

Then we got a Store menu, this will get you to our donation page. So if you feel like donating to the server, then this is the place to do it.
We will never make pay to win on the RPG server, but we will make small packages so people can get new names, colors in names, color your gear, and other small things to make their character unique 

The donation will help pay the electricity bill, and upgrading hardware.

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