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New hardware - More maps - More players
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01 Jan 1970
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01 Jan 1970

So we decided that our old server is not enough anymore and it's time to upgrade hardware.
Right now we are running with 16GB and Dual QuadCore XEON CPU's. And 2x173 GB SCSI HDD 15.000 rpm.
We noticed that the drives simply aren't fast enough, and the dual cpu setup can sometimes be a bottleneck when it decides to change from one CPU to the other.

So we are upgrading to a new XEON CPU,  32 GB of memory, M.2 Drive + SSD drives + SATA drive for backups. This will allow us to run the server the way we want to.

New maps will then come to the server, and we should be able to handle many more players, we are building a spawn map for all players, complete with portals to all the new worlds, PvP arena & Quests.

The normal map on the server will still be the main map, and all the other maps will get opened when the player reach a certain rank.

This also means we will go offline for about a week when the new hardware arrives, we are sorry about that, but thats what it takes to get everything up and running so everything is synced across all the new maps with databases.

Lets get this community bigger, we can't wait to show you all what World Of Wizards is all about.

MissCrafter & SkyderEfterLyde

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